Objectifs Principaux points abordés


  • 21-23th of January: Peter Wokke
  • 24 & 25th of January : Konstantin Mihaylov

Day 1: Peter Wokke

  • Producing REST services with Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge
  • Introduction to Progress Application Server for OpenEdge
  • Introducing Kendo UI Builder
  • Kendo UI Builder data providers and basic views


Day 2: Peter Wokke

  • Kendo UI Builder and basic views (continued)
  • Introduction to HTML5 and CSS
  • Using Kendo UI templates
  • Introduction to JavaScript & JQuery for OpenEdge developers
  • JavaScript in Kendo UI templates


Day 3: Peter Wokke

  • Creating and using services
  • Writing ABL business logic and returning errors
  • Using the generic REST data provider


Day 4: Konstantin Mihaylov

  • Introduction to TypeScript
  • Overview of Angular
  • Customizing basic Kendo UI Builder views with TypeScript
  • More TypeScript
  • Customizing basic Kendo UI Builder behaviour using Angular


Day 5: Konstantin Mihaylov

  • Using the blank view – charts and forms
  • Authentication
  • Calling JSDOs
  • Roles in Kendo UI Builder
  • Deployment
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